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Engage your users better with the most immersive playable ads ever.

Use Vimobin to switch your game’s ads to Cloud Playable Ads, which:

  • Provide an authentic preview of your actual game
  • At a fraction of the cost that leads to higher ROAS
  • Enable higher fidelity graphics and deeper gameplay than ever before

Gone are the days of clickbait playables that don’t represent the actual game. This is Playable Ads 2.0

What makes
Cloud Playables better?

Represents Actual Gameplay

Unlike regular playable ads, our Cloud Playables work for all game genres, especially midcore & hardcore games, and are 100% representative of actual gameplay

Uses Native Game Code, not HTML5

Playable ads so far have needed to be made in HTML5, which gives a watered down experience. Our Playables give the native experience, resulting in high intent users

Faster to build, lower creative building cost

Regular playable ads take upto 30 days to build, and have a high creative building cost. We can turn around creatives within just a few days, with lower creative building cost!

Standard Ad Sizes that work everywhere

No more hassle of meeting different size requirements of different networks, Our Playables have a standard size, which run on all networks with minimal load.

Upto 90%
Reduction in time building playables
Upto 50%
Improvement in User engagement
Upto 90%
Reduction in Playable Size

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